Project Governance: The Essentials

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Developing IT project managers - the only way.

In line with the course objectives of the ISEB Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management, the book explains the principles of IT-related project management, including project planning, monitoring and control, change management, risk management and communication between project stakeholders.

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Project Management for IT Related Projects, is the only textbook tailored specifically to match the ISEB syllabus - so you can be confident you are using exactly the right materials. Each chapter includes an overview of the learning objectives, detailed discussion of the syllabus content, activities and multiple choice questions for self-assessment.Written by the team who created the syllabus and exam papers for the ISEB Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management course, Project Management for IT-Related Projects contains coverage of:

Projects and Project Work
The need for project planning and control; project life cycles and project management stages; terms of reference and business case reports; Project Planning
Work and product breakdowns; product definitions; elapsed time/duration activity networks; resource allocation and smoothing; work schedules and Gantt charts
Monitoring and Control
Collecting and presenting progress information; the reporting cycle; corrective action; Change Control
The change process; controlling product and deliverable versions; Quality
Quality control versus quality assurance; defining quality; defects during the project life cycle; quality procedures: entry, process and exit requirements; defect removal processes, including testing and reviews; Estimating
Top down and bottom up approaches to estimating; identifying effort drivers and productivity rates; using past project data; reviewing estimates; Risk
Identification and prioritisation of risk; risk reduction versus contingency; maintenance of risk registers; Project Communications
Identifying stakeholders and their concerns; the project team and matrix management; reporting structures and responsibilities; management style and communication.

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  • Title: Project Governance: The Essentials
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2011
  • Publisher(s): IT Governance Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781849281959