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Project Management and Leadership Challenges, Volume III

Book Description

Project implementation aligned with strategic advancement is a challenging endeavor, particularly in an environment of increasing complexity and productivity issues. Your prime issue is to plan for right action in right time, in right manner, and for the right purpose. Your attention determines the experience you end up with, and the experience determines the outcomes you have reached. Therefore, you must control your attention to control arriving at your desired outcomes. William James, in his book The Principles of Psychology (Vol I, 1890), wrote a simple statement, “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” The statement is highly relevant even in the 21st century for managing high productivity through “attention management.” This third volume provides areas for attention management and focuses on diversity, team building, meaningfulness, and growing to leadership, all of which are essentially required for maximizing and cultivating the real benefits with application of project management approach in business and industry.