15 Global Project Management Excellence


In the previous chapters, we discussed excellence in project management (PM) the use of PM methodologies, and the hexagon of excellence. Many companies previously described in the book have excelled in all of these areas. In this chapter, we focus on seven companies, namely IBM, Citigroup, Microsoft, Deloitte, Comau, Fluor, and Siemens, all of which have achieved specialized practices and characteristics related to in-depth globalized PM:

  • They are multinational.
  • They sell business solutions to their customers rather than just products or services.
  • They recognize that, in order to be a successful solution provider, they must excel in PM rather than just being good at it.
  • They recognize that that they must excel in all areas of PM rather than just one area.
  • They recognize that a global PM approach must focus more on a framework, templates, checklists, forms, and guidelines, rather than rigid policies and procedures, and that the approach can be used equally well in all countries and for all clients.
  • They recognize the importance of knowledge management, lessons learned, capturing best practices, and continuous improvement.
  • They understand the necessity of having PM tools to support their PM approach.
  • They understand that, without continuous improvement in PM, they could lose clients and market share.
  • They maintain a PM office or center of excellence (CoE).
  • They perform strategic planning for PM.
  • They regard PM as a strategic ...

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