Chapter 9

Organising the Project

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at roles and responsibilities in a project

arrow Comparing organisational management structures to projects

arrow Being successful in a matrix organisation

In a project, clear organisation is vital. A commonly reported cause of project problems and project failure is unclear roles and responsibilities. This chapter helps you pin down very clear roles and responsibilities. To get any job done involving more people than just you, some organisation is needed. You need to know who’s doing what, who’s in charge and who’s responsible for different aspects of the work.

This chapter explores project organisation, shows some different options for it and gives some hints and tips for getting it right. The right organisation is important for your project for two reasons. First, if roles and responsibilities are unclear, you’re going to get communication breakdowns and misunderstandings. Second, if the structure doesn’t fit the project properly — for example, if you have a big structure that requires lots of people to make a minor decision — you’re likely to get delays and excessive overheads.

Some organisations are becoming project oriented; that ...

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