Chapter 12

Working With Teams and Specialists

In This Chapter

Characterising authority, responsibility and accountability

Delegating assignments the right way

Developing and using a Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Handling micromanagement effectively

Projects usually involve working with people with different skill sets, from different areas within the organisation and possibly from outside it and who are used to working in different ways. You may not have worked extensively with your project team members before, so getting everyone working together well is something that you usually need to address early on. Just to make it more fun, your project probably has a tight time schedule, so you’ll need to move fast, and of course you need to get it pretty much right first time. It’s much harder if things go wrong and you have to try to start all over with people later on. No pressure then.

If you’re working in a medium to large project, then as a Project Manager you’ll probably be dealing with Team Leaders who in turn directly manage the teams. This can obviously make your work easier, but it can also make it harder because you need to be careful to provide encouragement and support but not tread on toes and bypass your Team Managers.

Success in this kind of environment needs agreement on how to work to maximise contributions and minimise wasted time and mistakes. Those mistakes include misunderstandings that range from the annoying to the project destroying. The project needs an ...

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