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Project Management for Humans

Book Description

Project management—it’s not just about following a template or using a tool, but rather developing personal skills and intuition to find a method that works for everyone. Whether you’re a designer or a manager, Project Management for Humans will help you estimate and plan tasks, scout and address issues before they become problems, and communicate with and hold people accountable.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents Page
  5. How to Use This Book
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1: You’re the PM Now
    1. What Is a Project Manager?
    2. The Role vs. the Title
    3. The Qualities of Good Project Management
    4. Typical PM Tasks
    5. The PM Is the Backbone
    6. TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)
  10. Chapter 2: Principles over Process
    1. The World of Project Management Methodologies
    2. Devise a Methodology That Will Work for You
    3. Principles for Digital Project Management
    4. TL; DR
  11. Chapter 3: Start with an Estimate
    1. Set the Stage for Solid Estimates
    2. Estimate Time and Materials vs. Fixed-Fee Projects
    3. Apply a Work Breakdown Structure
    4. Estimating Agile-ish Projects
    5. Estimate Tasks for Agile Projects
    6. Get Your Estimates In
    7. TL; DR
  12. Chapter 4: Getting to Know Your Projects
    1. Start with Research
    2. Getting the Most Out of Stakeholder Interviews
    3. Identify the Players
    4. Talk About the Work
    5. Getting to Know Your Clients Can Help!
    6. Heed the Red Flag
    7. TL; DR
  13. Chapter 5: Create a Plan
    1. Project Plans Will Help You
    2. Before You Create the Plan
    3. Formalize Your Plan
    4. What You Really Need to Know
    5. Get Planning
    6. TL; DR
  14. Chapter 6: Managing Resources
    1. Set the Stage for Organized Resource Planning
    2. Match Resource Skills to Projects
    3. Save Yourself and Your Team from Burnout
    4. Stakeholders Are Resources, Too
    5. TL; DR
  15. Chapter 7: Communicate Like a Pro
    1. Solid Communications Earn Trust
    2. It’s Not About You
    3. Set Communication Expectations
    4. Be Open to Collaboration
    5. Quick, Simple Communication Tactics
    6. Body Language Speaks Volumes
    7. TL; DR
  16. Chapter 8: Navigating the Dreaded Difficult Conversation
    1. The Anatomy of a Difficult Conversation
    2. How to Conduct a Difficult Conversation
    3. Meeting Means Talking and Listening
    4. Finding the Right Solution
    5. The Most Difficult Conversation I’ve Ever Taken On
    6. Say Hello to Agreement and Goodbye to Disagreement
    7. TL; DR
  17. Chapter 9: Setting and Managing Expectations
    1. We All Have Expectations
    2. Pre-Kick-off Meetings
    3. Assign Project Roles with a RACI Matrix
    4. Document Requirements
    5. Manage Expectations
    6. TL; DR
  18. Chapter 10: Scope Is Creepin’
    1. Managing and Embracing Change
    2. Tame the Scope Creep
    3. It’s Not Easy, and It’s Not Scary Either
    4. TL; DR
  19. Chapter 11: Facilitation for PMs
    1. People Make Projects Difficult
    2. Brush Up Your Facilitation Skills
    3. Facilitation Techniques
    4. Determine Meeting Roles
    5. Make It a Productive Meeting
    6. TL; DR
    7. On and Up
  20. Index
  21. Acknowledgments
  22. About the Author