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Project Management for Trainers, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Define a development project before you start planning the details. A seat of the pants approach to project management is no longer viable. Today’s trainer is taking on truly unique projects—and often many at once. Whether you’re developing materials on unfamiliar topics or writing courses for others to deliver using new technology, now is the time to strengthen your project management process. Seasoned learning and leadership expert Lou Russell offers a structured approach to moving projects from conception to completion. In Project Management for Trainers, you’ll discover how to maintain a clear focus on client goals no matter how many changes they request or how many people get involved. This refreshed second edition also guides you through managing consulting projects and suppliers. This book is an essential guide to: Building a project charter to document business objectives, project objectives, scope, risks, and constraints. Creating a project schedule to determine task order, establish milestones and due dates, and assign task owners. Conducting a post-project review to capture lessons learned