Appendix 2

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Project Management

ACCAnnual capital chargeFinance
ACWPActual cost of work performedEVA
ADRAlternative dispute resolutionConstruct
ANBAdjudicator nominating bodyConstruct
AoAActivity on arrowCPA
AoNActivity on nodeCPA
APMAssociation for project managementPM
ARMAvailability, reliability, maintainabilityMOD
BCBusiness casePM
BCWPBudgeted cost of work performedEVA
BCWSBudgeted cost of work scheduledEVA
BoKBody of knowledgePM
BOQBill of quantitiesConstruct
BSBritish standardGeneral
BSIBritish standards institutionGeneral
CADComputer-aided designGeneral
CAMComputer-aided manufactureGeneral
CARContractor’s all riskConstruct
CBSCost breakdown structurePM
CDMConstruction, design and managementConstruction ...

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