This book would not be possible without some key individuals that played
a major role in my career development. To Dan Bailey for getting me started
and teaching me the fundamentals of project management. To David Yother
for giving a kid a chance. To Don Delashaw who helped show me how to en-
joy myself and make project management fun. To Cary Blaes who taught me
more about management than he truly knows and for being an exemplary
leader. To my team at my first PMO: Renee Hyre, Reuben Russell, Courtney
Huesman, Karl Cook, Pamela Smith, Pam Maher, Blair Liggins, Marie Todd,
Diane Weldon, and Melissa Peterson. You all taught me so much and I was
blessed every day that you let me lead you. To Mark Jones and my team at
Highmark Technology for allowing me to follow and fulfill my dreams. I
thank all of my teams, clients, consultants, and employees over the years. To
my daughter Ramsey, son Remo, and, finally, my wife Stephanie—without
you, none of this would truly be possible. You told me many years ago to go
out and get a real job! Without you, I would not have found my calling.
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