Achieving the objectives of a project and ensuring customer satisfaction requires a project team that has the necessary skills, is fully committed to the project, and is managed by a project manager who possesses effective organization, communication, and leadership skills. Staffing the project with the appropriate team members is often a challenge due to organizational policies, organizational structure, and availability of resources. The project manager generally attempts to obtain the most highly qualified team members but must often accept competent performers who must receive additional training and may require additional supervision, coaching, and mentoring. Organizing the project team after selection by establishing a project organization chart will facilitate the communications between team members and clearly identify roles, responsibilities, and linkages between project team members.

Glossary of terms

Key terms and definitions to review and remember

Competency The skill or ability and capacity required to complete assigned project activities.

Organization A group of people brought together for a specific purpose or to perform some type of work within an enterprise.

Organization Chart A method for depicting interrelationships among a group of people working together toward a common objective.

PMO Project Management Office—an organizational unit established to centralize and coordinate the management of projects ...

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