Time management includes more than activity duration estimates and developing a project schedule. The demands of the project manager assignment require an organized and disciplined approach to managing personal time. This is due to the often turbulent environment associated with managing a project. There are countless meetings to attend, email to respond to, daily conflicts to resolve, crises to handle, and change requests to analyze. With these factors in mind, effective time management becomes critically important to a project manager's success and well-being.

Time is viewed by many project managers as a constraint and constraints often result in a sense of being rushed or short of time. The perceived improper use of time, the feeling that time is moving too fast, or the failure to manage time effectively can introduce a significant amount of stress into the daily activities of the project manager. It is, therefore, necessary for the project manager to find ways to use time as a resource instead of a constraint and to focus on how to manage and, if possible, reduce the factors that may result in stress.

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