Chapter 7. CONFLICTS


Conflicts will be encountered in most, if not all, phases of the project life cycle. They may occur at any level, between functional groups and among any of the project stakeholders. Project managers often assume the role of conflict manager and may be required to respond to a wide range of issues. This role is just one of the many roles a project manager may assume during the project.

The ability to handle conflict requires an understanding of why conflicts occur, the sources of the conflict, and the specific needs of the stakeholders involved. In many cases conflict begins with poorly defined objectives and unclear roles and responsibilities.

Glossary of terms

Key terms and definitions to review and remember

Collaboration Any cooperative effort between persons or organizations to achieve common goals.

Compromise Determine a solution where each side leaves with some degree of satisfaction. Generally, a give-and-take process where neither side achieves 100% of its objectives.

Conflict Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals ...

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