Learning doesn't always have to be accomplished through tests and hours of study. Occasionally, some enjoyment should be added to the learning process to help you remember key points and to stay focused on your learning objectives. This chapter is intended to help you continue your project management learning experience through crossword puzzles that have been designed to not only enhance your knowledge of project management but also to provide you with an enjoyable yet somewhat challenging approach to the learning process. The crossword puzzles are a change of pace from the routine study process and will help you remember key terms and phrases through reasoning and determining relationships between topics and terms. These puzzles provide you with an opportunity to think in broader terms and across knowledge areas to better understand how all project management processes are integrated within a system. Use them for study on your own or in small study groups. You will find that as you complete each puzzle your knowledge will grow, you will find yourself reviewing your notes and the chapters within this workbook which will further enhance your total learning experience, and you will have a much greater understanding of how the many project management terms, principles, tools, and techniques are interrelated.



Across ...

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