Logic problems are a unique way of learning how to apply project management principles to project situations. They are enjoyable and entertaining. Include these problems in your project management studies to enhance the learning experience.

How to Solve Logic Problems1


To solve logic problems, the wording in the clues must be read carefully. All of the necessary information is provided in the clues, and trial-and-error solutions are not necessary. The problems can be solved with simple logic. In some cases, grids are provided. Shown below is the technique for solving the grid problems.

Sample Logic Problem:

Three married couples live in three different cities and each couple has a different number of children. The husbands are Alfred, Dirk, and Mickey. The wives are Annette, Barbara, and Cathy but not necessarily married to the husbands according to the order of the husbands' names. The three cities in which the couples live are Boston, Chicago, and Denver, and the numbers of children are one, two, and three. In completing the table below, we will use a "•" to signify "yes" and an "X" to signify "No."


  1. Barbara and Mickey are a couple but do not live in Chicago.

  2. One of the couples which does not include Annette live in Boston with their three children.

  3. Alfred and his wife live in Denver; they have more than one child.

  4. Cathy's husband's first name begins with an initial that appears later in the alphabet than Cathy's first name initial. ...

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