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Project Quality Management: Why, What and How

Book Description

Winner of the 2006 Cleland Award for Literature from Project Management Institute (PMI)!

This highly focused book approaches quality specifically in the context of project management. It goes beyond the usual descriptions and advice for manufactured products to give project managers a framework of deliberate steps to take in managing quality for the benefit of project outcomes in any domain. This user-friendly guide presents tools and techniques that implement the general methods defined in the PMBOK® Guide published by the Project Management Institute, and augments those methods with more detailed, hands-on procedures that have been proven through actual practice.

Key Features
  • Provides project managers an explicit step-by-step quality management process, along with a coherent set of quality tools organized and explained according to their application within this process that can be applied immediately in any project context
  • Presents a Wheel of Quality that codifies in one complete image the contributing elements of contemporary quality management
  • Introduces a new quality tool — the pillar diagram — that provides a needed capability to identify root causes of undesirable effects
  • Includes a final walk-through of a practical exercise relevant to many project domains, which will help readers gain experience using the tools and techniques of this project quality management process before applying them to their own project work
  • WAV Offers numerous free downloadable tools for planning project quality, collecting and understanding data, comprehending and analyzing processes, and problem solving — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com/wav