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Project Workflow Management

Book Description

Foreword by industry legend Harold Kerzner!

This book describes a completely unique step-by-step, workflow-guiding approach to project management which simplifies activities by enforcing execution of all required processes on time, and redirecting to an alternative path in the event of project issues. Since compliance with all project management processes is enforced by the workflow, product quality is significantly improved and life cycle errors are almost eliminated.

Project Workflow Management: A Business Process Approach is the first and only book in the marketplace which enables readers with no prior project management experience to manage the entire life cycle of any small to mid-sized project. It also equips mid- and senior-level project managers with directions and a detailed map to the effective management of complex projects and programs.

Key Features
  • Prompts and instructs users in every step of the project life cycle from day one to project closing, while constantly performing qualitative assessments of outcomes
  • Details project management methods, tips, and techniques to show readers the practical knowledge required to manage projects hands-on from scratch, up to delivering the completed and tested product or service to the client
  • Illustrates project management business processes using over 40 process flow diagrams, providing a visual portrayal and full explanation of processes
  • Enables organizations to more easily implement project management processes, minimize costs and ensure product quality
  • Contains a holistic learning environment so that after finishing the book and assignments, new project managers or students will possess enough knowledge to confidently manage small to medium projects
  • WAV offers software tools for project risk management and earned value analysis, a client satisfaction survey, and the figures from chapter 5—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com