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Projects in Docker

Video Description

Complete course to learn and master containerization and deployment using Docker

About This Video

  • The course is a really nice way to head start into dockers. It was a pleasure to follow this course.
  • Very clear, well organized and good material.

In Detail

Master Docker with this hands-on project-based course that will help you breakdown Docker in to simple and easy to understand steps! Docker is one of the best advancements in DevOps today. DevOps includes developers and operators working together to create, test, and deploy apps in the fastest and the most efficient way. The process of collaboration was further simplified by virtual machines that allowed developers to share resources and work simultaneously on the same projects. Then came the containers and Docker. Docker is a brilliant containerization software and it works by helping break down apps and their environments into small segments that can be stored and deployed with ease. Containerization allows building multiple containers, which house the app, it’s environment, and its system files, to work seamlessly on one virtual machine without having to share all the resources. This allows developers to run several applications on the same virtual machine, where each will behave exactly as if it has its own operating system, memory, CPU, storage and other resources. One of Docker's best features is Docker swarm. The Docker swarm tool allows developers to divide their applications into small, atomic components, each running on one or more containers. The swarm engine will orchestrate load balancing, revive crashed containers, and coordinate with other Docker hosts. As complicated as this sounds, don’t worry because we’ve got your back! We’ve designed this course to help you simplify Docker and learn how to build your very own container using a project-based approach. It's not just a theory-based course that will just simply go over your head and leave you stranded at the end of it.This tutorial will help you actually get started and make you more confident in building your very own containers. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with building your very own Docker container!