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Protective Operations
Protective Operations
A Handbook for Security and Law Enforcement
Protective Operations: A Handbook for Security and Law Enforcement
is designed as a reference for law enforcement and security organizations
tasked with protecting the welfare of an individual or groups of individuals.
To be effective and professional, protective operations require the incorporation
of a variety of skill sets. However, many departments and jurisdictions have
only limited resources and training available. Filling this void, the book identifies
issues particular to local law enforcement — and the private security teams
that may be called in later — and offers suggestions and guidance for
confronting high-threat, high-profile scenarios as well as more routine
protective details.
Details the essence of local law enforcement protective operations
that are run, in large part, covertly
Examines threat assessment from both hostile organizations and
unknown adversaries
Provides a solid understanding of operational security, situational
awareness, and surveillance detection
Includes examples from real-world attacks occurring over the past
sixty years
Reinforces the need for training in specific tactics and techniques
Emphasizes training for confronting the adversary
Focuses on the economics of providing the most protection for the
least cost
Addresses issues surrounding possible direct violations of the law
and department policy and procedures
The author’s decades of training, research, and experience provide invaluable
tested and proven protocols for keeping subjects safe in a hostile environment.
Glenn P. McGovern
A Handbook for Security
and Law Enforcement
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A Handbook for Security
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Glenn P. McGovern
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