Evidence-based leadership is not about how to lead. It's about what to give our attention to as we lead. It's not about how to communicate or how to inspire or how to direct or how to engage. It's about how to apply all these attributes to create a high-performance organisation.

What we give our attention to as we lead is the performance of the organisation. We communicate the results that matter, so everyone understands them. We inspire everyone to reach for higher performance targets, to achieve the results that matter. We set direction and help each team find their contribution to it. We engage everyone so they feel ownership of their contribution. How we lead is important, and what we emphasise through our leadership is just as important.

To lead an organisation to high performance, a strong emphasis must be given to the role of evidence. Evidence-based leaders pursue high performance by speeding up the cycle of closing performance gaps — the gaps between where the organisation's performance is right now, and where they want it to be. This is why evidence-based leaders give a lot of attention to results-based performance measures.

The foundation of high performance is measurement

All leaders are responsible for how their organisation performs. This is assessed by the results the organisation achieves, not by the ...

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