Provisioning SQL Databases- Exam 70-765 Certification Training

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Microsoft exam 70-765 (aka "Provisioning SQL Databases") is one of two tests you must pass to earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): 2016 Database Administration certification. This course supplies you with the knowledge you need to pass the 70-765. It's also a practical introduction to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform service. It covers the processes, implications, technologies, and actions involved in utilizing SQL Server in the cloud in both PaaS and IaaS environments. After you learn how to create and use a free Microsoft Azure subscription, you will get hands-on experience with SQL Server in various cloud-based configurations, giving you an understanding of the implications and purposes for various options.

  • Survey Microsoft's published objectives required to pass the Microsoft 70-765 exam
  • Gain an operational understanding of Microsoft's Azure platform and administrative interface
  • Learn the impacts and considerations to consider when migrating technologies to the cloud
  • Discover the difference between SQL Database and SQL Server on an Azure VM
  • Explore the dashboard and monitoring tools available on the Azure portal
  • Understand the security options and implementations available with SQL Server in Azure
  • Learn the efficiencies of utilizing SQL Server in the cloud

Mark Long is a long time contributor to O'Reilly Media having authored more than a dozen book and video titles including "Windows Presentation Foundation Basics", "Learning Windows PowerShell", and "Securing Windows Networks". He solves IT issues for numerous Fortune 500 companies as the head of his own consulting company. Mark holds the A+ certification and many others, including Microsoft's MCSE, MCDBA, and MCT.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome To The Course
    2. About The Author
    3. Course Overview
    4. Microsoft SQL Server
    5. SQL Server 2016 Certifications
    6. Examples And Code
  2. SQL Server Basics
    1. SQL Server Platform
    2. SQL Server Editions
    3. Understanding Databases
    4. Database Structures
    5. Transact-SQL
  3. Getting And Installing SQL Server 2016
    1. Getting SQL Server 2016
    2. Installing SQL Server 2016 Part - 1
    3. Installing SQL Server 2016 Part - 2
    4. Installing SQL Server Management Studio
    5. Verifying The Installation
    6. SQL Server Deployment Options
  4. Cloud Computing Overview
    1. What Is Cloud Computing?
    2. Virtualization
    3. Cloud-Based Applications
    4. RMA
    5. Why Utilize The Cloud?
    6. Cloud Modes
    7. Service Models
    8. IaaS
    9. PaaS
    10. SaaS
    11. Technologies In The Cloud
    12. Impact Of The Cloud
  5. Microsoft Azure
    1. Understanding Azure
    2. Azure Terminology
    3. Azure Subscriptions
    4. Azure Sign-Up
    5. Azure Portal Tour
  6. Azure SQL Database
    1. Intro To SQL Database
    2. Understanding DTUs
    3. Logical Servers
    4. Creating A SQL Database
    5. SSMS And SQL Database
    6. Understanding Elastic Pools
    7. Creating An Elastic Pool
  7. SQL Server Virtualization
    1. Azure Virtual Machines
    2. Azure Resource Groups
    3. Creating A VM Part - 1
    4. Creating A VM Part - 2
    5. Accessing The VM
    6. VM Storage Planning
    7. Virtual Networking
    8. On-Premises Vs. SQL Server VM
    9. Provisioning A SQL Server VM
    10. Manual SQL Server Install
    11. Max Server Memory
    12. Manually Configuring Memory
    13. SQL Server Agent
    14. Configuring Operators
    15. Configuring Alerts
    16. Azure Alerts
  8. Azure Security
    1. SQL Database Security
    2. Access Control And Authorization
    3. Transparent Data Encryption
    4. Enabling TDE
    5. Understanding DDM
    6. Implementing DDM
    7. Azure Always Encrypted
  9. Migration And Performance
    1. Migrating To The Cloud
    2. Data Migration Assistant
    3. Migrating To SQL Database
    4. Migrating To SQL Server VM
    5. Azure Performance Tuning
    6. Using Azure Monitor Part - 1
    7. Using Azure Monitor Part - 2
    8. Azure Availability Sets
  10. Conclusion
    1. Wrap Up

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  • Title: Provisioning SQL Databases- Exam 70-765 Certification Training
  • Author(s): Mark Long
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491994962