Chapter 5. Networking and the Web

Hacks 41–47: Introduction

The PSP’s built-in 802.11b opens up all sorts of possibilities, and the web browser included in Version 2.0 makes a lot of those possibilities real. Even if you haven’t upgraded to 2.0, you can still surf the Web from your PSP, but you’ll need to engage in a little trickery to do that. And although running Version 2.0 locks users out of a lot of cool homebrew apps, read on and you’ll learn about one kind of homebrew that will work even on Version 2.0: browser-based JavaScript and CSS applications.

Find Yourself a PSP Web Browser

Your PSP has built-in 802.11b wireless capabilities. High-speed, portable Internet access is literally at your fingertips.

The first section of this hack shows everyone with Version 1.0–1.52 of the firmware how to access the browser in Wipeout Pure for its intended use, and points you to the basics of redirecting the browser to one of the several PSP-designed web portals that open up these browsers to the full Internet, as well as many of the other hacks covered in this book.

If you are running Version 2.0 of the firmware, skip ahead to the Version 2.0 section to learn all the ins and outs of your browser.

Version 1.x Firmware

In “Create Your Own PSP Web Portal” [Hack #42] , Jonathan Terleski discusses in detail how you can set up your own web portal for the PSP. This introductory hack, on the other hand, is going to point you to a few of the existing PSP web portals you can find online, and show you ...

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