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Psychological Testing: The essential guide to using and surviving the most popular recruitment and career development tests

Book Description

Both private and public sector organisations, and both employers and recruitment agencies, use psychological selection tests as part of their recruitment processes. Worldwide, and especially in electronic formats, these tests are increasingly used for speeding-up, standardising and professionalising the task of putting the right people in the right jobs. 'Psychological Testing' is an easy-to-follow guide to the most popular selection tests on the market. It takes a broad, international perspective and explores developments in web-based testing services, which have revolutionised the industry. This book seeks to answer all your key questions, including: For employers, recruiting consultancies and agencies: - What are the benefits of using psychological testing for your organisation? - Which kinds of tests are available and how should they be used? - What are the specific applications for each of the tests, and their advantages and disadvantages? - What is good - and bad - practice in test usage in recruitment? - Can these tests also be used for subsequent employee deployment and development, such as creating teams, training needs analysis, and career-planning? For employees and job-seekers: - What happens if you are required to take a selection test? - What will these tests reveal about you? - What do previous test-takers think about each of these tests? - How can you prepare for the process of testing generally? - How can you overcome test phobia, fear of the unknown and a feeling of intrusion? With detailed information on numerous tests, 'Psychological Testing' is your invaluable handbook, whichever side of the desk you're on.