geographical information systems (GIS), 84
e-governance and, 90
reliability of, 90
Georgia. See State of Georgia’s
e-procurement system
Gibbs, Linda, 73–74
GIS. See geographical information systems
Google Apps, 156
government; See also federal government
cloud computing for, 147
cybercrime and, 215–219
e-procurement and, 163
e-procurement benefits for, 167
e-procurement in state, 169–170
IT workers and, 193–195
managerial model of e-participation
and, 48–49
online financial reporting and, 173–174
open, 34–37
privacy issues with, 202–203
procurement, 161–162
public administration and IT
increasing performance of, 7
shared services for, 170–171
social media technology use surveys
for, 33–36
strategic planning in, 110–112
telework for, 193
telework in agencies of, 197
trust in, 6, 23–24
Web 2.0 technologies challenges
with, 69
Government Accountability Office, 140
Government Information Security Reform
Act of 2001, 109–110
Government Paperwork Elimination Act of
1988, 108–109
hackers, 216
HAVA. See Help America Vote Act
Health and Human Services Connect
(HHS Connect), 73–74
hearing impaired, social media technology
and, 72
Help America Vote Act (HAVA), 29
HHS Connect. See Health and Human
Services Connect
horizontal integration e-procurement,
HR. See human resources
HR and IT, 12–13
employee methods of contacting for
information or services in, 188–190
evolution of, 180–181
manager self-service tools web services
in, 192
operational impacts of, 186–187
recruiting web services in, 190
relational impacts of, 186, 188
stages of, 186
success and failures in, 183–184
technologies used in, 187–193
training web services in, 190–191
transformational impacts of, 186, 189
web service portal for, 192–193
HRDs. See human resource directors
HRIS. See human resources information
human resources (HR); See also HR and IT
improving, 181
management, 181, 194
roles in, 185–189
technologies used in, 187–193
virtual, 181–182
human resource directors (HRDs), 184
recruiting web services for, 190
human resources information systems
(HRIS), 180
benefits and barriers to adoption of,
public managers and importance of, 182
strategic orientation of, 182–185
iClaim, 14
ICTs. See information and communication
84607_INDx_FINAL.indd 246 7/27/11 4:48 PM

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