Chapter 2

Getting Your Brain in the Game


check Understanding the perils of negative thoughts

check Getting beyond fight, flight, or freeze

check Thinking like a caveperson

check Enlisting the power of Yes Let’s and positive self-talk

check Considering when and when not to give a speech

Ah, the human mind. One of the most complex systems on the planet. Nearly a hundred billion neurons firing and networking to interpret and navigate and act in the world every second. Here are some things humans have been able to do with their incredible brains: We’ve landed on the moon, turned black goo from the ground into fuel for transportation machines, created computers that fit in our pockets and that can access nearly every bit of human knowledge. We’ve done amazing things with our brains over the course of history.

Yet that big wrinkled lump between our ears has trouble doing some very basic things — like public speaking, for instance. Because we were hunters and gatherers and were in constant fear of being ...

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