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Publish, Manage, and Consume Services Using ArcGIS Server

Video Description

Learn how to make web maps using the data in your geodatabase!

About This Video

  • Design the architecture of ArcGIS for Server to meet your organization's requirements
  • Consume GIS services from multiple cross-platform endpoints including mobiles and tablets for field users
  • Optimize ArcGIS for Server to make it run efficiently and effectively.

In Detail

ArcGIS Server provides a backbone for web maps and applications. Users can publish data from shapefiles, files, and enterprise geodatabases to allow for customized display and access in web maps and applications.

In the first section of this course, viewers will learn how to publish dynamic and cached map services, an editable feature service, a feature service with a related table, a WMS and WFS, and a KML service. In the second section of this course, viewers will learn how to access and view services via the ArcGIS REST services directory, Server Manager, and ArcCatalog. In the last section of this course, viewers will learn how to use other mapping APIs to add ArcGIS REST services to a web map.

Viewers will be able to publish a variety of service types to ArcGIS Server and add them to web maps using both the ArcGIS platform and third-party APIs.