Managing Rails applications

Rails is an enormously popular web app framework (in the sense that it's widely used, rather than that people like it). So it's probable that you'll be called upon to manage it at some point. The recipe presented here contains most of what you'll need to prepare a server to have a Rails application installed on it. This recipe assumes that you'll be using Nginx and Passenger as the web server, though you can easily modify the recipe to use Apache instead.

How to do it...

  1. Create the directory structure for a rails module:
    # mkdir /etc/puppet/modules/rails
    # mkdir /etc/puppet/modules/rails/manifests
    # mkdir /etc/puppet/modules/rails/templates
    # mkdir /etc/puppet/modules/rails/files
  2. Create the file /etc/puppet/modules/rails/manifests/init.pp ...

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