Introducing expressions

Variables are not the only things in Puppet that have a value. Expressions also have a value. The simplest expressions are just literal values:

'Oh no, not again.'

You can combine numeric values with arithmetic operators, such as +, -, *, and /, to create arithmetic expressions, which have a numeric value, and you can use these to have Puppet do calculations (expression_numeric.pp):

$value = (17 * 8) + (12 / 4) - 1

The most useful expressions, though, are those which evaluate to true or false, known as Boolean expressions. The following is a set of examples of Boolean expressions, all of which evaluate to true (expression_boolean.pp):

notice(9 < 10) notice(11 > 10) notice(10 >= 10) notice(10 <= 10) notice('foo' ...

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