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Puppet Configuration Management

Video Description

Use Puppet to automate all your work!

About This Video

  • Learn to automate your company infrastructure with Puppet

  • Deploy configuration files and templates at superfast speeds and manage user accounts and access control appear like a cakewalk

  • Create a seamless workflow by integrating your Puppet with GIT

  • In Detail

    Puppet is a toolbox available to IT professionals to automate work you would usually manually do on servers. From deployment of applications to managing security and access, Puppet can help you with it all. The ultimate goal of tools like Puppet is to never have to SSH into a machine again to fix problems or set up new systems.

    In this course, you will be introduced to Puppet development and learn how to set up your own private development environment, so that you can develop your code without fear of hurting live environments. From there on out we get familiar with the Puppet DSL and then deploy our code to a puppet server and puppet node like you would in a production environment.

    After completing this class you should have all the handles you need to start utilizing puppet and know how to further progress and become a true Puppeteer!