Querying PuppetDB for fun and profit

PuppetDB stores and exposes a large amount of information. What can we do with it? Probably much more than what we might guess now. In this section, we explore in detail the REST endpoints available.

Diving into such details might be useful to better understand what can be queried and maybe trigger new ideas on what we can do with such information.

In these samples, we use curl with HTTP directly from the server where PuppetDB is installed.

/facts endpoint

Show all the facts of all our nodes (be careful, there may be a lot!):

curl 'http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/facts'

Show the IP addresses of all our nodes (a similar search can be for any fact):

curl 'http://localhost:8080/pdb/query/v4/facts/ipaddress'

Show ...

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