Components IDL Module

Listing 13.33 is a partial listing of the Components IDL module, containing only definitions and interfaces that are relevant to basic components.

Listing 13.33. Part of the Components IDL Module—Applicable to Basic Components
//IDL #ifndef _COMPONENTS_IDL_ #define _COMPONENTS_IDL_ //import ::CORBA //import ::SecurityLevel2 //import ::CosPersistentState //import ::PortableServer //import ::CosNotification //import ::CosNotifyChannelAdmin // ADDED #pragma prefix "" #include <omg/orb.idl> module Components { typedef string FeatureName; typedef sequence<FeatureName> NameList; valuetype Cookie { private sequence<octet> cookieValue; }; exception InvalidName { }; exception InvalidConnection { }; exception ExceededConnectionLimit ...

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