IDL for the Interface Repository

Listing 20.6 shows the complete IDL for the interface repository.

Listing 20.6. Complete IDL for the Interface Repository
//IDL #pragma prefix "" module CORBA { typedef string Identifier; typedef string ScopedName; typedef string RepositoryId; enum DefinitionKind { # pragma version DefinitionKind 2.3 dk_none, dk_all, dk_Attribute, dk_Constant, dk_Exception, dk_Interface, dk_Module, dk_Operation, dk_Typedef, dk_Alias, dk_Struct, dk_Union, dk_Enum, dk_Primitive, dk_String, dk_Sequence, dk_Array, dk_Repository, dk_Wstring, dk_Fixed, dk_Value, dk_ValueBox, dk_ValueMember, dk_Native }; interface IRObject { # pragma version IRObject 2.3 // read interface readonly attribute DefinitionKind def_kind; // write interface ...

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