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Python BeautifulSoup

Video Description

BeautifulSoup is a popular Python library for extracting data from HTML or live pages. It isn't limited to a single webpage. You can extract data from multiple webpages. In fact, one of the examples we use does just that. Knowing how to find data within the HTML tree is key to getting targeted data. This course will show you how to identify that data within the HTML tree. Then you'll build a parsing rule to extract it using BeautifulSoup. With a number of examples to ensure you know exactly how to find data, build parsing rules and the needed code to execute the extract, you'll walk away from this course feeling confident in your abilities to retrieve data from webpages.

Table of Contents

  1. Python BeautifulSoup 00:01:00
  2. Introduction 00:01:00
  3. Simple HTML Parsing I 00:11:29
  4. Simple HTML Parsing II 00:06:10
  5. Walking the Tree 00:11:18
  6. Real Webpage Extraction 00:09:28
  7. Project 00:12:13
  8. Module Summary 00:00:30
  9. Course Summary 00:01:06