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Python By Example

Video Description

Practical coding projects to get you up and running with Python in no time

About This Video

  • Learn the powerful Python programming language with exciting projects
  • Play with the capabilities of Python to enhance your projects
  • Use the knowledge gained to design professional apps

In Detail

This video course explores Python basics, data structures, and algorithms. We'll build a die rolling simulator to see how to use Python dictionaries, loops, functions, and control statements.

Then, we will see how we can develop dictionaries that contain other dictionaries to build complex data structures.

Next we will use a modular approach to build a game that consists of a deck of playing cards. We will use object-oriented (OOP) Python classes to do so. We will display the playing cards both in a textual form, which we create, as well as via image files. This will lead to our displaying card images in a graphical form using Python's built-in Tkinter package.

In the next part, we will use multiple inheritance with OOP classes. While the Java and C# programming languages are limited to only single inheritance, Python classes can inherit from multiple classes. You will learn how to use multiple inheritance with Python.

You will also build Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). We will use Python's built-in Tkinter package and delve more deeply into GUI programming.

By the end of this video tutorial, you will have built some useful utilities using Python. Python is very strong at searching directory folders, replacing words within modules, and much more. You will find these utilities useful in your everyday work as a developer.

All codes are added at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/-Python-By-Example