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Python Data Structures and Algorithms

Video Description

Master data structure implementation for different types of data structure, spanning from linear data structures to tree graph algorithms.

About This Video

  • This course will introduce you to different types of data structure in Python
  • This course covers critical data structures and topics such as linear, tree/graph data structures, and algorithms
  • Learn to implement different data structures and algorithms through examples

In Detail

This course is about data structures and algorithms. We are going to implement problems in Python. You will start by learning the basics of data structures, linked lists, and arrays in Python. You will be shown how to code tuples in Python followed by an example that shows how to program dicts and sets in Python. You will learn about the use of pointers in Python. You will then explore linear data structures in Python such as stacks, queues, and hash tables. In these you will learn how to implement a stack and code queues and deques. There will also be a demonstration on how to realize a hash table in Python. Following this you will learn how to use tree/graph data structures including binary trees, heaps and priority queues in Python. You will program priority queues and red-black trees in Python with examples. Finally, you will be shown how to apply different algorithms such as Graph traversal, Shortest Path, Minimum Spanning Tree, Maximum Flow tree, and DAG topological sorting

This course teaches all these concepts in a very practical hands-on approach without burdening you with lots of theory. By the end of the course, you will have learned how to implement various data structures and algorithms in Python.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Python-Data-Structures-and-Algorithms-v-

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Starting with Basics
    1. The Course Overview 00:04:19
    2. Introduction to Divide/Conquer 00:03:55
    3. Starting with Greedy 00:02:58
    4. Begin with Recursion 00:02:40
    5. Working with Dynamic Programming 00:03:23
    6. Using Asymptotic Analysis 00:04:55
    7. Examples of Linked Lists/Arrays in Python 00:05:09
    8. Coding Tuples, in Python Through Examples 00:03:08
    9. Programming Dicts in Python Through Examples 00:04:20
    10. Implementing Sets in Python 00:02:38
    11. Use of Pointers in Python Through Examples 00:03:35
  2. Chapter 2 : Linear Data Structures in Python
    1. Examples on Stacks in Python 00:03:11
    2. Implementing a Stack in Python 00:03:29
    3. Coding for Queues in Python 00:04:08
    4. Utilizing a Deque in Python 00:04:33
    5. Realize a Hash Table in Python 00:05:17
  3. Chapter 3 : Tree Structures in Python
    1. Basic Python Coding for Trees 00:04:08
    2. Implementing Binary Trees in Python Through Examples 00:03:10
    3. Examples of Heaps Queues in Python 00:03:47
    4. Programming Priority Queues in Python 00:04:31
    5. Coding Red-Black Trees in Python with Examples 00:03:54
    6. Working with Tries (or Search Trees) with Examples 00:04:34
  4. Chapter 4 : Graph Data Structures in Python
    1. Python Coding for Graphs 00:03:47
    2. Directed Graphs 00:02:48
    3. Undirected Graphs 00:02:58
    4. Add Neighbor Function in Vertex Class 00:02:09
    5. Get Connections Function in Vertex Class 00:01:38
    6. Get Weight Function in Vertex Class 00:01:05
    7. Other Useful Graph Methods 00:02:06
  5. Chapter 5 : Tree/Graph Algorithms
    1. Breadth-First Graph Traversal Algorithm 00:03:58
    2. Depth-First Graph Traversal Algorithm 00:02:38
    3. Shortest Path Algorithm 00:04:33
    4. Implementing Shortest Path Through Dijkstra’s Algorithm 00:02:06
    5. Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm 00:05:02
    6. Implementing Minimum Spanning Tree Through Kruskal’s Algorithm 00:03:56
    7. Coding Maximum Flow Tree Algorithm in Python 00:01:25
    8. Example on Programming Dag Topological Sorting 00:06:03