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Python: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Developer

Video Description

Learn everything you need to know to become a Python software developer, from the basics to creating your own applications!

About This Video

  • Learn Python from basics to creating own applications.
  • Learn to read and write to files

In Detail

This is the most comprehensive, yet straightforward, course on the Python programming language. It gives you a foundation from which to start programming using Python. You will master basic topics such as strings and advanced topics such as functions and code optimization. This course will teach you Python in a practical manner; every module comes with labs. Numerous topics such as Python variables, numbers, printing, Python lists (and lists with loops), Reading from files, How to print formatted data, How to parse multiple items from a file, Python data structures: lists, Python data structures: dictionaries, Python functions etc are all covered in this course.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Welcome and Introduction
    1. Introduction and overview (m00_00) 00:07:51
    2. Code Password 00:00:05
    3. How to run your Python code (m00_01) 00:07:34
    4. Real world example: SD-WAN Controller (m00_02) 00:02:02
  2. Chapter 2 : Module 1: Kick start your Python knowledge
    1. m01_01: Strings, variables, numbers and ducks! 00:11:16
    2. m01_02: Everything is an object in Python. Mutable and immutable 00:07:07
    3. m01_lab: Can you complete the challenge lab? 00:02:11
    4. m01_lab_sol: Lab solution and Module Review 00:04:32
  3. Chapter 3 : Module 2:Lists, For Loop, Reading Files
    1. m02_01a: Lists, For Loops 00:10:31
    2. m02_01b: Reading from a File 00:07:59
    3. Can you complete the lab? (m02_lab) 00:02:45
    4. m02_lab_sol: Lab Solution 00:02:32
    5. Module Review (m02_review) 00:04:22
  4. Chapter 4 : Module 3: Formatted Output, Splitting Strings
    1. m03_01a: Print formatted Data Part 1 00:10:24
    2. m03_01b: Print formatted Data Part 2 00:06:57
    3. m03_lab: Can you complete the lab? 00:05:20
    4. m03_lab_sol: Lab Solution and Module Review 00:08:45
  5. Chapter 5 : Module 4: Nested Data Structures, While Loops
    1. m04_00: Introduction 00:02:38
    2. m04_01: Python data structures: list 00:05:30
    3. m04_02: Python data structures: Dictionary 00:06:50
    4. m04_03: Python data structures: sorting 00:06:49
    5. m04_04: Python data structures: nested 00:10:58
    6. m04_05: Python while loop with dictionary search 00:09:29
    7. m04_lab: Can you complete the lab? 00:04:52
    8. m04_lab_sol: Lab Solution and Module Summary 00:07:42
  6. Chapter 6 : Module 5: Functions and Modules
    1. m05_01: Python Functions 00:15:48
    2. m05_02: Python function parameter types (positional, keyword, default) 00:06:50
    3. m05_03: Python modules 00:09:22
    4. m05_lab: Can you complete the lab? 00:03:36
    5. m05_lab_sol: Lab Solution and Module Summary 00:10:43
  7. Chapter 7 : Module 6: Miscellaneous Extra Stuff
    1. m06_01: Python parsing data information 00:11:39
    2. m06_02: Python writing output to files 00:11:39
  8. Chapter 8 : Thank you and further learning
    1. Wrap up and Thank you! 00:04:27