Chapter 9

Putting What You Know in Action


Bullet Putting data science problems and data into perspective

Bullet Defining and using feature creation to your benefit

Bullet Working with arrays

Previous chapters have all been preparatory in nature. You have discovered how to perform essential data science tasks using Python. In addition, you spent time working with the various tools that Python provides to make data science tasks easier. All this information is essential, but it doesn’t help you see the big picture — where all the pieces go. This chapter shows you how to employ the techniques you discovered in previous chapters to solve real data science problems.

Remember This chapter isn’t the end of the journey — it’s the beginning. Think of previous chapters in the same way as you think about packing your bags, making reservations, and creating an itinerary before you go on a trip. This chapter is the trip to the airport, during which you start to see everything come together.

The chapter begins by looking at the aspects you normally have to consider when trying to solve a data science problem. ...

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