Python Library Scrapy

Video Description

Scraping data from webpages can be a tedious job. But it doesn’t have to be. With Scrapy, you can scrape using XPath or CSS. With the large number of examples from both techniques, you’re sure to find a solution that fits for you. Whether your targeting data on a single page or multiple, Scrapy can handle the job. No matter if the data is within a list, you can scrape specific patterns right out of the list. Building up your specific Scrapy job isn't a difficult task. Scrapy is a Python library. If you're familiar with Python, XPath or CSS, you'll feel right at home using Scrapy.

Table of Contents

    1. Course Introduction 00:01:40
    2. Module Introduction 00:01:36
    3. Scrapy Introduction 00:07:33
    4. Text Extraction 00:10:09
    5. Scrapy Execution 00:04:13
    6. Scraping with CSS 00:09:15
    7. Another XPath Scrape 00:07:47
    8. Project Instructions 00:04:59
    9. Project Solution 00:05:25
    10. Module Summary 00:00:40

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  • Title: Python Library Scrapy
  • Author(s): Stone River eLearning
  • Release date: December 2016
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0447