Time for action - using Twill's browser object

Here we see how to access the browser object directly, and use it to interact with the web.

  1. Place the following code into a Python test module:
    from unittest import TestCase
    import twill
    class test_twill_browser(TestCase):
    def test_slashdot(self):
    browser = twill.get_browser()
    self.assertTrue(browser.get_code() in (200, 201))
    html = browser.get_html()
    self.assertTrue(html.count('slashdot') > 150)
    link = browser.find_link('Science')
    form = browser.get_form(2)
    form.set_value('aardvark', name = 'fhfilter')
    browser.clicked(form, None)
    self.assertEqual(browser.get_code(), 200)
  2. Run the test module using nosetests. If Slashdot hasn't ...

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