How to do it...

  1. Create a new file named to store the code for this recipe.
  2. Create a shopping cart application that we can build some tests around:
class ShoppingCart(object):   def __init__(self):     self.items = []    def add(self, item, price):     self.items.append(Item(item, price))     return self   def item(self, index):     return self.items[index-1].item   def price(self, index):     return self.items[index-1].price   def total(self, sales_tax):     sum_price = sum([item.price for item in self.items])     return sum_price*(1.0 + sales_tax/100.0)   def __len__(self):     return len(self.items)class Item(object):   def __init__(self, item, price):     self.item = item     self.price = price
  1. Create a test case that contains several test methods, including one deliberately ...

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