Creating an HTML visualization extension for Qlik Sense®

To begin with, let us discuss a recipe to create a simple HTML extension in Qlik Sense. The two files that are mandatory to create any Qlik Sense extension are:

  • .JS file: This file contains the JavaScript required to implement the extension and is built around the RequireJS framework
  • .QEXT file: This is an extension metadata file, which contains the JSON description to be used within the desktop client

In addition to the preceding mandatory files, one can also make use of additional files, such as:

  • Script files from external libraries such as D3 or Raphael
  • CSS files: To add styles to the extensions
  • Images, Fonts, Icons, and so on

The default directory for Qlik Sense Desktop extensions is C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\ ...

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