Using smart data load profiling

As you know from the earlier chapters on accessing data, Qlik Sense makes associations between tables using similar field names. As of Qlik Sense Version 2.0, there is a data profiling tool that can be used to help you make the correct table associations.

Getting ready

  1. Create a folder on your local drive called TestData. For this example, we will use the C: drive: C:\TestData.
  2. Create a folder library connection to the directory above in the data load editor.
  3. Load the following script into the application:
    Transactions: LOAD DATE(Date#( TransactionDate,'DD/MM/YYYY')) as TransactionDate ,Sales INLINE [ TransactionDate, Sales 01/01/2013, 1000 02/01/2013, 3000 03/01/2013, 500 04/01/2013, 4000 05/01/2013, 2000 ]; Calendar: ...

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