Subject Index


  • ABR. See Arts based research
  • Accuracy: of documents, of personal documents
  • Action research, AI in, coding for, data analysis for, data collection for, in-depth interviews for, participants in, postmodernism and, principles of, reports for, researcher in, types of, See also Critical action research; Participatory action research
  • Adobe Connect
  • AI. See Appreciative inquiry
  • Ambiguity: in interviews, in observations, in qualitative research, in theorizing
  • Analysis section, in ethnography
  • Analytical coding
  • Anchored interviews
  • Anonymity: on Internet, in reports
  • Anthropologists, artifacts and, case studies by, nonprobability sampling by, See also Ethnography
  • Applied research, data collection for, types of
  • Appreciative inquiry (AI), ...

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