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Quantifiably Better: Delivering Human Resource (HR) Analytics from Start to Finish

Book Description

Your CEO just came to you, the HR leader, and said she was hearing rumors about the turnover rate going up. She asks you why this might be happening and how it is could be affecting the bottom line. Are there certain leadership issues? Are engagement levels changing? Is there a problem with the company culture?

These are all logical questions. You have hunches for answers, but you have no way to prove those hunches. You know your CEO is going to want data to support any argument you make.

You are sure that the answers to her questions are buried in the employee data collected in the different HR systems you have. You have been reading about "HR analytics", and you wonder how you would answer her question differently if you really understood the data about your people.

Quantifiably Better provides a path to follow in search of these answers. It will help you if you are just getting started with your HR analytics initiative, or if you are looking for ways to expand your existing HR analytics practice. In the end, you will find that the insights you desperately seek are easier to find than you ever imagined.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Introduction
  3. CHAPTER 1 One Less Thing
    1. Do Whatever it Takes
    2. Feeding Yourself Smartly
    4. It Works for All Kinds of Problems
    5. Failure to Communicate
    6. Don’t Overthink It
  4. CHAPTER 2 Understanding Your Data: The Seven C’s
    1. The Seven C’s
    2. The First of the Seven C’s - Certainty
    3. The Second of the Seven C’s - Coverage
    4. The Third of the Seven C’s - Completeness
    5. The Fourth of the Seven C’s - Consistency
    6. The Fifth of the Seven C’s - Currency
    7. The Sixth of the Seven C’s - Commonality
    8. The Seventh of the Seven C’s - Chance
    9. Creating a Data Quality Scorecard or Dashboard
  5. CHAPTER 3 Manipulating Your Data: Put Your Stake in the Ground
    1. Attribute Creation
    2. Take Your Data Knowledge to the Next Level
    3. Another Detailed Example
    4. The Shockingly Complex Example of Tenure
  6. CHAPTER 4 Monitoring Your Data: Follow Everything
    1. Managing Analysis Paralysis
    2. When Data Crosses a Control Limit
    3. Turning Data into Smart Data
    4. The HR GPS System
    5. Data Without Insight
  7. CHAPTER 5 Preparing For Action: The Data and Analytics Maturity Model
    1. Learning the Ropes
    2. Success Leaves Clues
    3. Daily Change for Success
  8. CHAPTER 6 Purpose-Driven Analytics: Understanding Motivators
    1. Employee Engagement and Turnover
    2. Employee Motivators
  9. CHAPTER 7 Experimenting with Action: The ITEM Model
    1. Improving and Reinventing Leadership
    2. The ITEM Model
    3. An Example in Reducing Turnover
  10. CHAPTER 8 Watch Out For These Things
    1. Show Only the Things You Need
    2. Turn Small Stuff into Big Stuff
    3. Passion and Incentives
    4. The Shiny Car Scenario
    5. Setting Goals for Others
  11. CHAPTER 9 Everything Can Be Quantifiably Better
    1. The Project Plan
  12. References
  13. Index