Long description

A toolbar in the screenshot has a button labeled “Solve” along with a play symbol, which should be clicked after entering the data. The objective is set to “Maximize” using a radio button.

A table of data is seen underneath:

  • The column headers are T and C.

  • The row headers are Maximize, Constraint 1, and Constraint 2.

  • The first row has the values 70 and 50.

  • The second row has the values 4 and 3.

  • The third row has the values 2 and 1.

  • A column next to C has the less than or equal to sign for the second and third rows. These cells can be clicked to change the type of constraint.

  • Another column, with header RHS, has the values 240 and 100 for the second and third rows.

  • A final column, with header “Equation form,” is present next to ...

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