Long description

Two tables are present on this sheet. The first table have column headers X1 and X2, the second table has X1, X1 superscript 2, X1 superscript 3, X2, and X2 superscript 2 as the column headers.

In the first table:

  • The row headers are the variables, values, and cost.

  • The first row has the values 3.325 and 14.672.

  • The second row has the values 5 and 7.

  • The value of total cost, 119.333, is seen under column D in the fifth row.

In the second table:

  • The row headers are the value, constraints, hardness, tensile strength, and elasticity.

  • The value row reads 3.325, 11.058, 36.771, 14.672, and 215.276.

  • The constraints row is left empty.

  • The value of the hardness row is 3, 0.25, 4, and 0.3 in X1, X1 superscript 2, X2, and X2 superscript ...

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