Nanofabrication of photonic devices from single-crystal diamond for quantum information processing (QIP)

J.T. Choy, B.J.M. Hausmann, M.J. Burek, T.M. Babinec and M. Lončar,    Harvard University, USA


We describe top-down nanofabrication approaches to photonic devices in single-crystal diamond and analyze their performance by optical characterization. The devices presented include nanowires, angle-etched nanobeams, plasmonic resonators and integrated planar resonators, which have been used to engineer the collection efficiency and spontaneous emission rate for nitrogen–vacancy (NV) centers.

Key words

nanofabrication; photonics; waveguide; resonator; Purcell effect

5.1 Introduction

Nanophotonics has recently emerged as a powerful platform ...

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