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QuarkXPress 8 - level 2

Video Description

QuarkXPress 8 - level 2Each individual video in this series of 13 videos builds on your knowledge of using QuarkXPress at a basic level. You will learn more advanced skills such as page grids, dealing with glyphs, setting up a table of contents, hanging characters and the issues surrounding transparency and printing. Also learn about the composition zones feature which allows several people to collaborate on the same document. There are more great tips and tricks to make your life quicker and easier in the worksplace.

Table of Contents

  1. Page grids 00:05:56
  2. Item styles 00:05:26
  3. Composition zones 00:06:12
  4. Find and change 00:10:12
  5. Glyphs 00:05:49
  6. H and Js 00:08:03
  7. Layouts 00:08:27
  8. Table of contents 00:08:09
  9. Proof output 00:06:42
  10. Hanging characters 00:07:40
  11. Tables 00:11:49
  12. Transparency 00:08:38
  13. Picture effects 00:06:15