I would like to thank the following individuals for making this book possible:

The John Wiley Team including Shannon Vargo, Beth Zipko, and Susan Moran.

Jerry Acuff who introduced me to Wiley.

Dave Byers, PBR's marketing, web-designer, and creative genius. Your questions make me think.

Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci, PBR's talented PR expert who has crafted many of my ideas into a work of art.

Karianne Earner-Sparks, a gifted writer and an incredible project manager who questioned our questions. Thank you for sharing your many talents to help us create what we believe will be another best seller just like the last book, Questions that Sell, on which you also did a terrific job.

Patrick Connor, my friend and mentor. You always give me great ideas to the questions I ask.

Mom and Dad for your constant love and support.

Claire, my wife, my love, and best friend. I get to practice my questions on you every day.

Our daughters, Brooke and McKenzie. The answers you seek are in the questions you ask.

—Paul Cherry

One of the blessings in life is to be able to publicly thank those who have contributed so much to your life's journey and direction. I want to thank Denita, my wife and fellow-adventurer, for enabling me to pursue my dreams of establishing businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore, even when that meant challenges and hardships for her. Our daughters—Kristin, Amber, Shanna, and Erin—are all women who consistently demonstrate what is really important and meaningful in life. They are "givers" ...

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