QuickBooks 2009 Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants

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QuickBooks 2009 Solutions Guide

This is the definitive, must-have reference for every business owner, entrepreneur, accountant, and bookkeeper who relies on QuickBooks 2009. Not a beginner’s guide, it’s a high-productivity resource for solving the problems that intermediate-to-advanced QuickBooks users encounter most often.

Author Laura Madeira is superbly qualified to write this book: she has twenty years experience training professionals on Intuit products and has been selected by

Intuit to introduce its new releases to accountants and entrepreneurs. Here, she offers real solutions for every QuickBooks accounting module, helping readers achieve their true goal for QuickBooks: a clear, up-to-date understanding of where the business stands, and where it’s headed.

Thoroughly updated for QuickBooks 2009, this book brings together indispensable, start-to-finish techniques for troubleshooting QuickBooks data files and fixing QuickBooks mistakes wherever they occur. Drawing on her unsurpassed experience, Madeira offers expert advice on every facet of QuickBooks accounting: data files, banking, A/R, undeposited funds, employee advances, inventory, A/P, sales tax, payroll, reporting, sharing data

with accountants, and much more.

This book will help you :

     •    Quickly set up accurate charts of accounts – or improve existing ones

     •    Use QuickBooks reports to understand the most important trends in your business

     •    Correct data errors in any balance sheet account, from A/R and A/P to taxes and inventory

     •    How to use the New for 2009! Client Data Review feature for accountants.

     •    Properly review your payroll data and avoid expensive mistakes

     •    Efficiently share business data with your accountant

     •    Troubleshoot beginning balance differences, reconciliation errors, and many other problems

     •    Learn to use the Intuit Statement Writer tool, New for 2009!

Laura Madeira  is founder of ACS, Inc., located in the greater Dallas, Texas area and an Intuit Solutions Provider that specializes in on-site and Internet-assisted accounting software implementation, set-up, training and troubleshooting. She has over twenty years of experience helping companies maintain accurate and timely accounting and financial information through one-on-one consulting, group classes, and web-based training.

Madeira currently writes technical documentation and presentations for the QuickBooks product line as a member of the Intuit Accounting Professionals Trainer/Writer Network. She has also served on Intuit’s Accountant and Customer Advisory Council and was a guest speaker for the QuickBooks Developer Network. Her “QuickBooks at Year-End” document has been distributed by Intuit at several national events and is one of Intuit’s most requested training and presentation documents.

Her expertise with QuickBooks and other Intuit software has been featured nationally in an Advisor Spotlight and widely-distributed promotional literature. She holds Intuit's Advanced Certified, Point of Sale Certified designations, as well as a bachelor of science in accounting from Florida Atlantic University.

Category  Business | Finance

Covers    QuickBooks 2009

User Level    Intermediate–Advanced

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  • Title: QuickBooks 2009 Solutions Guide for Business Owners and Accountants
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780768687385