Chapter 15. Reporting on the State of Affairs

In This Chapter

  • Printing QuickBooks reports

  • Using the Reports menu commands

  • QuickZooming report totals

  • Sharing information with a spreadsheet

  • Editing and rearranging report information

  • Processing multiple reports

  • Using QuickReports

To find out whether your business is thriving or diving, you use the QuickBooks Reports feature. The different kinds of reports in QuickBooks cover everything from cash flow to missing checks, not to mention QuickReports. QuickReports are summary reports that you can get from the information on forms, account registers, or lists by merely clicking the mouse.

In this chapter, I tell you how to prepare reports, how to print them, and how to customize reports for your special needs.

What Kinds of Reports Are There, Anyway?

If you run a small business, you don't need all the reports that QuickBooks offers, but many of these reports are extremely useful. Reports show you how healthy or unhealthy your business is, where your profits are, and where you're wasting time and squandering resources.

Table 15.1. QuickBooks Report Categories

Report Category


Company & Financial

These reports give you a bird's-eye view of your company's health and cash flow. They give you a snapshot of your assets, liabilities, and equity, showing income, expenses, and net profit or loss over time.

Customers & Receivables

These accounts receivable reports are great for finding out where you stand in regard to your customer invoices. You can list ...

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